Bosmat Nossan


The essence or perhaps the nature of art is pinned in the belief that it’s not useful. Could it be that during a pandemic the institution has neglected and abandoned art due to this very reason? In this piece, art and artists, like other species of nature, are joining the quest for survival. They enter the natural history museum with the pretext of the endangered species’ desperation. It is not surprising that right at this moment when we are presented with the opportunity to stop suppressing the body and its transience, this species materializes as a dance company. The species invades the natural history museum, a company crawls between the different packaging options of the medium: moves between the being of the arthropod, the being of the dancer, and the being of still objects. The art of the body is enthralled with the search for resources through the various spaces of the reservation, seeping into the vending machines and restroom faucets.