hakahaLahakah is a Hebrew palindrome, combining the words “audience“ (hakahal) and “company“ (lahakah). At its center is the Hebrew letter “lamed“ (ל), which stands for the Hebrew word “lev“ (heart).

In 2020, there were no theaters, no museums, no public spaces, no freedom of movement. And so the paradoxical challenge of presenting a dance festival slid into the writing of Mythos of Company. It’s the story of a journey of a company - hakahaLahakah - that is also its own audience, and in the year of the collapos of culture and democracy succeeded to nevertheless lead a free artistic act of a mutual economy of hearts.

Before you is an online video exhibition, the festival itself, in it are the five episodes of the mythos. We invite you to also see documentation of other events of the company that took place live online when the festival premiered in December 2020.