Yael Weiss


Reflecting on a Work at the Museum of Natural History

By Yael Weiss

While working via Zoom, and later at the Museum of Natural History itself, I had an ongoing feeling that what most matters to me now, more than human beings, more than art, more than culture and history, is wild existence. Working at the museum; inside the morgue of nature, threw in my face time and again, the aware and unaware priority of human beings along history.

Working in a group of individuals who were put together as an apocalyptic choice, established in me the idea of the link between life and creation.

Friends, acquaintances, new people entering the space in which the individual and the public meet. Life to stage to life. Reality, fantasy and whatever there is on the spectrum.

The presence of the meeting in my private life in the course of work at this point of the world's existence. Honesty and intimacy. Distance and the lack of synchronization which always rule, above all. In the course of my work and later, I physically felt the lack of wild nature outside, in the world. Disconnecting from my wildness. I feel I am a broken nature. Looking into the outside, wild nature, no matter how small, is almost the most relevant thing.

I examine, again and again, my motives to live and die nearby the stage, as a wild creature in both physical and digital presence. I try to understand in what way my way of life in this outstanding scene - art – meet and contribute to a wild existence.

Obviously, this is a massive and complex fabric, but working with the ensemble made me thing about this query.