This year Diver is an online exhibition of Five Episodes, each episode happening in a different MUSEum: ZooMUSEum, Greenhouse, Nature MUSEum, Art MUSEum, Eretz Israel MUSEum.

Next to that, five consecutive zoom-nights of the performance Family Event by Michal Samama at 22:30; Live-On-FB Three Cards discoursive-performative events with friends from the hakahaLahakah, and Songs for Jesus a special end of the festival Christmas party by Kok Schok @Phi Garden.


Songs For Jesus / Live Event

Songs for Jesus
Kok Schok LIVE @ Phi garden

Live on Facebook...

Saturday, 26 Dec 2020
14:30 (GMT +2)

Songs for Jesus
Kok Schok Live @ Phi Garden

After we've tested the limits of the 'end of the world madness', got infected with the Jerusalem Syndrome in the Balfour Demonstrations, and had an interstellar rave in the planetarium in Tel Aviv, hakahaLahkah is celebrating the birthday of the most successful messiah in the history of humanity - Jesus frickin Christ!Christmas 2020 will be broadcasted live from Phi Garden with song and dance in red and white.