This year Diver is an online exhibition of Five Episodes, each episode happening in a different MUSEum: ZooMUSEum, Greenhouse, Nature MUSEum, Art MUSEum, Eretz Israel MUSEum.

Next to that, five consecutive zoom-nights of the performance Family Event by Michal Samama at 22:30; Live-On-FB Three Cards discoursive-performative events with friends from the hakahaLahakah, and Songs for Jesus a special end of the festival Christmas party by Kok Schok @Phi Garden.


Artists Free of Audience - Live Performative Zoom Talks on FB Live

This event is in Hebrew

WATCH: The Osho Tarot card OPENING & READING by Smadar Yaaron for the hakhaLahakah

Card 1:

David Maayan, Vienna
Michal Helfman, Tel Aviv

Live on Facebook...

Tuesday, 22 Dec 2020
20:30 (GMT +2)

Card 2:

Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Cologne
Danny Neyman, Paris

Live on Facebook...

Wednesday, 23 Dec 2020
20:30 (GMT +2)

Card 3:

Tamar Even Chen &
Hila Gluskinos visit
Smadar Yaaron in Acre

Live on Facebook...

Thursday, 24 Dec 2020
23:59 (GMT +2)