This year Diver is an online exhibition of Five Episodes, each episode happening in a different MUSEum: ZooMUSEum, Greenhouse, Nature MUSEum, Art MUSEum, Eretz Israel MUSEum.

Next to that, five consecutive zoom-nights of the performance Family Event by Michal Samama at 22:30; Live-On-FB Three Cards discoursive-performative events with friends from the hakahaLahakah, and Songs for Jesus a special end of the festival Christmas party by Kok Schok @Phi Garden.


Tights: dance & thought / 3nd Annual Conference - (web)site specific

This event is in Hebrew

Tights: dance
& thought Conference

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Friday, 25 Dec 2020
10:00-14:30 (GMT +2)

10:00-11:10 - Two Lectures:

Gathering in the Museum: The Individual Body, the Collective Body and the Art Space by Ruth Direktor

Artist as Entrepreneur and Art as a Campaign - The effect of internet business models on the online performance by Dr. Lior Zalmanson

11:20-12:30 - Two Lectures:

Spontaneous art versus Sophisticated Art: Current Protest Movements through Rancière's Three Models
by Rotem Tashach

Movement and its Discontents: The Performative Modernity of the Balfour Protests 
by Dr. Hodel Ophir

12:30 - Break

12:50-14:30 - Lecture and Panel:

New Wave in Dance: Historical Consciousness by Iris Lana

Panel: Making space for Art - A talk with Three Leaders of New Platforms for Audiences and Artists
Orit Shaul, Asaf Hameìri, Arnon Ben Dror, moderated by Lior Avizoor